Helena Dáňová

Mgr. Helena Dáňová, Ph.D.

Department of Medieval Art

phone: +420 221 183 710

Researcher at the Department of Medieval Art, executive editor at Artefactum Press, secretary of the IAH Council.

Helena Dáňová studied theory and history of art at the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University (Ph.D. 2013). In 2001, she began to work as a curator at the Collection of Old Masters, National Gallery Prague, focusing on medieval art. Here, she participated in projects such as Silesia: A Pearl in the Bohemian Crown; Charles IV (1316–2016); Self-Guided Tour Through Architecture of the Convent of St. Agnes and the Lapidarium and Lapidarium and Self-Guided Tour in the Interior of the Convent of St. Agnes; What the Eyes Cannot See; For the Eyes to Admire. Since 2014, she has been employed with the IAH CAS as a researcher focusing on late-medieval art and architecture of the 14th and 15th centuries. She is the principal investigator for the project Gothic and Early Renaissance in East Bohemia. Research, Interpretation and Presentation (NAKI II.). Dáňová is currently writing contributions to the forthcoming publication Imago / imagines and preparing a conference and exhibition as part of a CAS project focused on a regional cooperation  with the Pardubice region. Since 2014, she has been teaching art history at the International School of Architecture in Prague (ARCHIP).

Research outputs (selection):

Helena Dáňová– Radka Šefců – Václav Pitthard – Hana Bilavčíková, Utrakvistický oltář sv. Kateřiny z Chrudimi. Identifikace materiálů a dekorativních technik. Fórum pro konzervátory-restaurátory 2018, pp. 64-72.

Helena Dáňová – Radka Šefců – Václav Pitthard – Anna Třeštíková, An analytical investigation of a unique medieval wood sculpture and its monochrome surface layer, Wood Science and Technology 2017, Germany 2017.

Helena Dáňová, [7 kat. hesel], in: Jiří Fajt – Markus Hörsch (eds.), Císař Karel IV. 13162016, katalog 1. česko-bavorské zemské výstavy, Praha 2017.

Helena Dáňová kapitoly a kat. hesla in: Helena Dáňová – Renáta Gubíková (eds.), Všemu světu na útěchu. Sochařství a malířství na Chomutovsku a Kadaňsku 1350–1590 [All the World to Console. Sculpture and Painting in Chomutov and Kadaň Districts 1350–1590], Chomutov 2014.

Helena Dáňová, [27 kat. hesel] in: Olga Kotková (ed.), German, Austrian, French, Hungarian and Netherlandish Sculpture 1200–1550. Illustrated Summmary Catalogue, Praha 2014.

Helena Dáňová, Jacob Beinhart a Mistr olomouckých madon – možnosti spolupráce a kulturní výměna mezi regiony první třetině 16. století, in: Jež, Radim – Pindur, David a kol., V dobách umění bez hranic / W czasach sztuki bez granic, Český Těšín: Muzeum Těšínska, 2013, s. 87–98, Cieszyńskie Studia Muzealne / Těšínský muzejní sborník 5, 2012.

Helena Dáňová, From Vincenc Kramář to the 21st Century. The Adventures of the Collection of Medieval Sculpture held by the National Gallery in Prague, Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague / Bulletin Národní galerie v Praze XXII–XXIII / 2012–2013, pp. 6-22 (en), pp. 101–111 (cz).

Helena Dáňová, Tyrolean Master Narciss of Bolzano and the Relief of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the National Gallery in Prague, Umění / Art LX, No. 2, 2012, pp. 150–156

Helena Dáňová, Relief aus dem Kloster Corona Mariae in Třebařov bei Krasíkov und die im ersten Viertel des 16. Jahrhunderts tätige Olmützer Werkstatt, Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague, XX–XXI, 2010–2011, pp. 22–42 (ger) a pp. 138–149 (cz).

Helena Dáňová, Die sitzende Jungfrau Maria aus der Nationalgalerie in Prag. Ein dem Meister des Kefermarkter Altars zugeschriebenes Relief, Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague XX–XXI, 2010–2011, pp. 43–62 (ger) a pp. 150–160 (cz).

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