Tomáš Murár

PhDr. Tomáš Murár, Ph.D.

Department of Historiography and Art Theory

phone: +420 221 183 511

Researcher, Department of Historiography and Theory of Art

Tomáš Murár studied art history at the Institute for Art History, Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Ph.D. 2019), where he then taught historiography and methodology of art history. He is currently working at the Institute of Art History of the CAS, where he has been working as a research fellow since 2018 (2019-2021 as a postdoctoral fellow). Here his research focuses on the history and theory of Central European art history, in particular the so-called Vienna School of art history. He organizes international conferences on this topic (2019 The Influence of the Vienna School before and after 1918; 2021 The 100th Anniversary of Max Dvořák's Death; 2023 Origins, Modifications, and Influences of Its Theoretical Concepts) and is collaborating with the English Journal of Art Historiography on the preparation of the proceedings of these conferences. He is involved in the preparation of a series of translations in philosophy, theory and aesthetics of art for Academia Publishing called Ars - Philosophia/Aesthetica/Theoria (2021 A. C. Danto, After the End of Art; 2023 R. Barilli The Science of Culture and the Phenomenology of Styles and Lectures and Essays by A. M. Warburg, etc.). He regularly publishes articles on the theory, historiography and methodology of art history in national and international journals. In parallel, he works in scientific projects at the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University.

Research outputs (selection):

Tomáš Murár, Notes on Franz Wickhoff’s School and Max Dvořák’s Italian Renaissance Studies Based on New Archival Materials, Journal of Art Historiography 29, 2023.

Tomáš Murár, Za obrazem. Teorie obrazu Romana Ingardena a význam abstraktního umění, Filosofický časopis 71, 2023/2, pp. 215–228.

Tomáš Murár, Die Tragik in der Kunst Michelangelos als Max Dvořáks Vermächtnis in der Kunstgeschichte Hans Sedlmayrs, Folia Historiae Artium 20, 2022.

Tomáš Murár, The Dark Side of the End of Art. In: Devouring One’s Own Tail. Autopoiesis in Perspective, ed. Vojtěch Kolman and Tomáš Murár, Praha: Karolinum 2022, pp. 135–151.

Tomáš Murár, Max Dvořák’s Michelangelo, Journal of Art Historiography 25, 2021.

Tomáš Murár, Zrcadlení Cézannem: Poznámka k teorii obrazu u Maurcie Merleau-Pontyho, Filosofický časopis 3, 2021, pp. 561–578.

Tomáš Murár, Moderner Inhalt in manieristischer Form. Max Dvořák unter dem Einfluss Georg Simmels, RIHA Journal 2021.

Tomáš Murár, „A Work of Art is An Object That Necessitates Contemplation“. Latency of Visual Studies Within the Vienna School of Art History?, Ikonotheka 30, 2020, pp. 9–29.

Tomáš Murár, Nighthawks in The Age of Anxiety. Interpretation of the painting by Edward Hopper by means of the „Baroque Eclogue“ of Wystan Hugh Auden, Umění /Art 3, LXV, 2017, s. 244–261.

Tomáš Murár, Umění jako princip a zákonitost. K dějinám a metodologii umění Vojtěcha Birnbauma / Art as Principle and Pattern. Vojtěch Birnbaum’s Concept and Method of Art History, Kostelec nad Černými lesy: Archiv výtvarného umění, z.s. 2017, ISBN 978-80-905744-7-2.


Current projects:

The Influence of the Vienna School of Art History IV - conference preparation

Preparation of the ARS - Philosophia, Aesthetica, Theoria series in the Academia publishing house

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